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Welcome to ACT Now PMA, a Private Membership Association (PMA), that assists and helps educate its members in how to envelope their assets, activity, land, lives, businesses and property in privacy; protect their assets and property; increase their security; and plan their estates by using the Private Membership Association or Common Law Trust, or both, unique little-know or used private contracts that allow members to lawfully do things in a private domain that they may not do in the public domain.

Are you considering creating a statutory association, corporation, LLC, foundation, trust or any other "legal entity" but need, or just want more flexibilityprivacy, security with less regulation concerning your private life and activities?

Do you want to protect your assets and property

Do you want to restore true
privacy to your affairs?

Do you want to increase your personal

Do you want to preserve your 

You can by 
asserting, standing upon and enforcing your appropriate inherent, fundamental, unalienable perfect and imperfect rights (hereinafter "rights") whenever possible, practical or necessary; secured by international common-law; the English/American common-law; the states' and the federal constitutions; and laws governing The United States of America, we help create little-known lawful (not merely "legal") private associations, organizations and trusts that protect personal anonymity, your privacy, private property, private estates and most of your activity.

Private membership associations offer substantial benefits for every member and are especially suited for inventors, m
anufacturers and distributors of any newly discovered or invented effective and safe medical device, product, procedure or service in order for them to promote the full benefits of their wares and offer them privately, and only to members of a private membership association, for education, experimentation, study, personal research and use in N of One and One of One studies by lease, loan, rent, sale or use of devices, products, procedures and services regardless of having obtained any official "approval" or "clearance" for distribution to or use by the public from any state or federal administrative agency.

This website acquaints people that have discovered, developed or invented and want to market any new, cutting-edge, healthcare device, product, procedure or service that they have evidence on and claim that it will reduce or eliminate discomfort or pain; treat or cure
a deformity, disability, disease, illness or wound; or provide any positive effect on the health of the body, mind or spirit of any man, woman, child or animal with the best alternative to conducting business with the public; as a corporation or any other "legal entity" created pursuant to a public law, ostensibly for the benefit of the public.

ACT Now PMA educates, provides data and research and assists people in creating a private domain in which they may safely disclose information about and market their discoveries and inventions privately to members (like-minded people) who are searching for new discoveries in healthcare.

A private domain is created by a contract that establishes a Private Membership Association, that offers only to its members all information on and the ability to acquire, use or have used on them any new medical device, product, procedure, or service - that is not yet - or that may never be - made available to the public.

In order to accomplish this, the PMA educates and provides research to its members on how to conduct their financial affairs, transactions and business in private, under the protection and security of the state and federal constitutions and the laws made in pursuance thereof; helping members to fully understand and live by asserting and standing on their rights in order to be able to do all things that are beneficial, just, lawful, moral, and right; instead of relying on any benefit, franchise, immunity or privilege offered and controlled by any local, county, state or the federal government.

Additionally, the PMA educates and assists people in using common-law trusts for personal privacy, security, protecting their assets, land and property; preserving their estates; and running a business without unnecessary governmental interference or permission.

A PMA provides a
 safe domain in which to manufacture, distribute, offer for sale, prescribe, recommend, or use on any man, woman, child or animal any device, product or procedure that has unique healthcare properties that have not been approved or cleared for sale to the public by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any similar administrative agency of any local, municipal, city, county, or state government? Click here to go to the Private Membership Association page of this website.

A trust can start or operate a business that operates solely by your private right to do so and not by your acceptance of any benefit, franchise, immunity or privilege created for the benefit of the public that is granted, owned and totally controlled by a state or the federal government? Click here to go to the Common Law Trust page of this website.

A trust can protect your assets and property from personal liability (a lawsuit against you). Click here to go to the Common Law Trust page of this website.

A trust can protect your estate from probate. Click here to go to the Common Law Trust page of this website.

If any of the above appeals to you consider joining ACT Now PMA.

ACT Now PMA offers its Members

Education and research on applying the law regarding alternative means of dealing with your assets, land and property (estate); conducting any private financial affair or "business transaction".

(You identify what you intend to or are attempting to accomplish and the PMA offers comprehensive education, research and assistance on what is available in law relevant to that matter.)


The Director of the PMA does not have a Juris Doctor; has never been and is not now a member of any local, state, federal or foreign BAR Association and is not an attorney, therefore:

The PMA Does Not Offer:

To represent anyone or any person in any court.

To sign any pleading for or on behalf of anyone or any person that will be filed in any court

To give anyone or any person “legal advice

If you want or need legal advice see an attorney.

*ACT stands for Associations, Contracts & Trusts; Now imparts the sense of urgency that everyone should have for protecting their assets, private and personal (business) property, their entire estates and even enhancing their own privacy and security; and, PMA means Private Membership Association.

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